Monday, March 30, 2009

Better luck next time

In life, more so in advertising, it’s not often that you get things right the first time. Every frowned brow, every “I don’t get it” and each” It’s just so layered” stinging more than the last.

So you go back, use some of the resilience that came as standard issue when you signed up for advertising, and continue scamping - until the pencil starts chaffing the skin off your middle finger.

And then one day, in one glorious review, a choir of angels sing from the heavens and history is made.

I’m holding out for my choir.


  1. Lyle your articles are actually interesting. I must admit that when you told me bout this blog I was expecting the same old bullcrap that normally spills out your mouth. But Im forced to accept the fact that you really actually growing up. Its kinda sad because the world needs bastards like you to provide us with sick humour. Anyway im out..gotta go find a new sick bastard..its going to be difficult tho,dunno where Im going to find sum1 who plays with peoples lives like its a soapie. Come to think of it Lyle, you were pretty damn evil.But let me not say anymore than that because I know you probably itching to launch a smear campaign!Oh and this might be a dumb question to those in the know but what the fuck is up with the name?

  2. devon, the plastique pantomime is where the media monkeys play...duh

  3. And that's exaclty what we are Alix - media monkeys. Ah,by the way, welcome.