Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh how far I've come

I rather enjoy making up stories – the taller the better.

A few weeks ago I met a new friend, TamTam. She makes pretty pictures on a freelance basis and this week she was hanging out at the palace. So the other day I was regaling TamTam with one of my flights of fantasy, and up until I told her I was lying, she believed all that came spewing forth from my mouth.

At first I found this surprising, but I then realised, of course she wouldn’t have caught on. Because you see; TamTam wasn’t there when I was developing my story telling skills, she hadn’t been burnt by my trickery yet, therefore she was none the wiser to my dubious past.

But Dee on the other hand was. Dee, an aspiring lawyer and I come along way. At an utterance of a tall tale, he would either hand me a cup of shut the fuck up, or indulge me – all depending on his mood.

From drinking Sambuca in the Parking lot of Vincent Park Shopping Centre as tweens, smoking behind the high school pools, Dee and I then graduated to other types of escapades, one of which landed us on the pavement of Greenacres Hospital in PE, drunk and still drinking from the night before. Up until today, all present that morning are still unsure to exactly what went down.

Point being: back home there was never a need to consciously make friends; you grow up with people, they become your friends, and that’s that. These people would then know that the reason you’re behaving like that was because of X that happened 3 years ago, which was then compounded by Y which occured at some or other shitty varsity party about 2 months ago .

So you can imagine the shock when I moved to Cape Town and had to proactively start making friends. I found myself having to explain, even excuse certain behaviours. But after two years and many excuses, explanations and skyscraper high stories, my CT clique have finally come to understand and even tolerate my antisocial behaviour.


  1. understand, tolerate and ENJOY :) love your writing x

  2. "I found myself having to explain, even excuse certain behaviours."

    HAHA! I love this line...mostly because I see myself in it...its the kind of line, that if your name wasn't attached to this piece, I would have mistaken it for something I had written myself...

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