Monday, March 23, 2009


It's kinda grey, not in a bad way - just pantone wise. I like that.

She said not to be self-conscious - can't help it though - everyone is staring at me.

It feels like first day of Sub A (yip, that's what it was known as back then) - except for the tears and smell of guava juice. Or even the first day of Thinking School - except for the perfect shiny blonde soon-to-be suited girls and their rugby playing, Headboy-type counterparts.

She also said not to be nervous, everything that will be will be. I wish she was here (said with knob in my throat) .

Ok, maybe I should introduce myself - "please to meet you, and you, and you, frantically trying to close your window, because your fag creative director is sashaying up behind you.

And the last thing she said was "If you start a blog, you'll get lotsa ass".

Ok, I made that up. But if I look at her rate of "ass-getting", starting a blog certainly worked for her.