Thursday, November 12, 2009

Geewizz Creepers - It’s that time again

It’s that time again - Time for self-reflection, self-loathing, self-inflicted “pats on the back” and a few air punches thrown in for good measure.

So a lot of shit has gone down this year some good, some bad, but all of them pretty much jerking me from the safety and nonchalance of childhood to the unrecognisable and peculiar place I find myself in now. It would be wrong to call this place adulthood – I think I have a few more regrettable deeds to get under the belt before I’m there.

My name is Lyle and this is my first step to self-reflection.

Stuff that was important then:

Getting my parents to supplement my income at every chance I get.
Being surrounded by as many “friends” as possible.
Giving a damn
Being thin

Stuff that are important now:

Trying my hardest not to get my parents to supplement my income.
Being surrounded by the friends that really matter.
Not giving a damn
Being thin

Seems there are quite few things that still need working out, so stay glued as I iron out the creases of my polyester life.

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